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Cultural And Linguistic Inclusion

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Cultural And Linguistic Inclusion

People from non English speaking background with disability

Presentation to the inaugural Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities conference, 12-13 May 2011

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Cultural Competence in Homeless Services, Policy Delusion versus entrenched Anglo Ethnocentrism in Funding, Reporting and Service Delivery

Presentation to the 6th National Homelessness Conference, Brisbane September 1-3

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This is my Home

Belonging, Disability and Diversity 

NEDA facilitated three focus groups in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth between March and April 2009 with people from NESB with disability. This report  documents their stories and descriptions of what it means to belong, to be accepted and to feel socially included and connected. The report highlights the importance of faith and friendship in understanding belonging and social connection, and emphsises the role of discrimination and poor responsiveness of support agencies in generating exclusion.  This report follows on from the February 2009 literature review to explore the meaning of belonging, home and social connection for people from NESB with disability.

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Cultural and Linguistic Inclusion?

Literature Review on Social Inclusion, Cohesion and Culture

This NEDA research paper explores the definitions and measures of social exclusion, social inclusion and social cohesion through an analysis of literature and indicators from Australia and the United Kingdom. It also explores how measures of cultural diversity can be built into understanding and measuring social inclusion in Australia. 

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