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Neda Know

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Neda Know

     NEDA Know September 2015


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Our second edition of the NEDA KNOW will hopefully keep you updated about the work we’ve been doing. We also want to and to share information on issues that impact on people with disability from CaLD/NESB backgrounds, their families and communities.



Spring is upon us, and brings about a spirit of growth and new opportunities


Recently NEDA employed Nadimul “Nadim” Haque Mandal as our part time Research & Policy Officer. We are very privileged to have a person of Nadim’s skills and abilities on the NEDA team.


Nadim has a strong research background in disability and has spent time working in foreign aid and disability programming in Bangladesh.


We have a great team at NEDA with Jane Flanagan and Nadim Mandal forming the Research team, Brian Cooper working within the area of demographics and data, and Liz Jermyn as our bookkeeper. The NEDA team has been busy during the first half of the year. We have produced several pieces of research and have been involved in collaborative partnerships with other important stakeholders (FECCA, PWDA to mention just two). Recent reports will be found via a hyper link within this newsletter.




As many of you will know, NEDA, along with other Federal Disability Peaks, was advised in late December 2015 that we were successful in the tendering process. Four organisations now form the Australian Cross Disability Alliance (ACDA) and represent all Australians who live with disability.


Membership of the ACDA includes: NEDA, Women with Disability Australia (WWDA), People with Disability Australia (PWDA) and First Peoples Disability Network (FPDN).


It was known that the Government was going to undertake a rationalisation of the disability peaks, so in response to this NEDA agreed to the above mentioned partnership that was based on a human rights framework.


This is new approach for both the Government and the sector and moves away from a diagnostic model. It is early days and we are currently juggling both the establishment of the Alliance and the tsunami of requests that the change has generated.


NEDA’s role will continue to be the voice of people with disability from the CaLD/ NESB communities, their families and carers, and we will work collaboratively with our membership and partner organisations to achieve this. If you have any questions please call the NEDA office on 02 6262 6867.



What have we been up to?

Since our last newsletter, NEDA has been busy attempting to secure better outcomes for CaLD and/or NESB people living with disability. We’ve made submissions to Government and engaged in various forms of political lobbying in an attempt to create necessary change. Some of our recent submissions and reports include:






Discrimination towards people living with disability within Australian Immigration Law

NEDA calls on the Australian Government and the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (Hon Mr Peter Dutton) to meet its human rights obligations and end the discrimination towards people living with disability within Australian Immigration Law. Article 18 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) recognises that the ‘rights of persons with disabilities to liberty of movement and freedom to choose their residence on an equal basis with others’

The United Nations Committee forum overseeing CRPD’s found that Australia’s interpretative declaration on Article 18 is at odds and inconsistent with its human rights obligations with it comes to immigration.

NEDA calls on the Government to review its decision around the recent announcement that it was stepping away from the somewhat more inclusive ‘net benefit’ style model.

NEDA also still takes issues with the ongoing government policy that sees newly arrived people living with disability being required to wait 10 years before they are eligible to access the disability support pension (DSP).

ACDA’s most recent media release pertaining to this:

Changes to DSP Portability

NEDA has concerns regarding portability limitations being placed on the Disability Support Pension (DSP). The 2014-15 Budget has announced that DSP recipients, who remain outside of Australia for more than four weeks, will have their DSP payments suspended (unless they have already applied for and been granted an exception).


DSS Factsheet pertaining to changes to the indefinite portability of the DSP can be found on our website, at:


What to Look out For:



  • NEDA’s 20th Birthday Party to be held in Canberra on the 2nd of December 2015, so watch this space!


NEDA’s new Research & Policy Officer

NEDA would like to welcome Nadimul Haque Mandal to the role of part time Research & Policy Officer.

Nadim has a research background in disability studies and has extensive knowledge about community development and disability programming in Bangladesh.

His knowledge around the nexus of disability and ethnicity will surely assist him to excel in his new role at NEDA.

Welcome Nadim!



National Ethnic Disability Alliance

PO Box 971, Civic Square ACT 2608

P: 02 6262 6867