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DPO Australia and Disability Voices Tasmania have made a submission to the Second Review of Australia’s Premises Standards

Media Release

29 April 2021

People with disability face restricted access to participation in all aspects of life as a direct result of inaccessibility of the built environment.

DPO Australia supports the current Disability (Access to Premises – Building) legislation, which sets the standard for the accessibility of the built environment in Australia.

We believe in the integrity of the legislation, which we note was developed through a rigorous process of research and negotiations, inclusive of people with disability. The introduction of the Premises Standards in 2011 represented the beginning of significant and widespread potential for improvement in the lives of people with disability.

However, whilst the Premises Standards have made a significant impact in ameliorating many barriers, there is considerable room for the Standards to be strengthened and applied more robustly.

This submission has been written on behalf of DPO Australia by Samantha French and Jane Flanagan and on behalf of Disability Voices Tasmania by the Disability Voices Tasmania Board.

Read the full submission here:

Word version:Download

PDF Version Download

More information on Disability Voices Tasmania can be found here.

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