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NEDA congratulates Dylan Alcott on Australia Day Honours

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NEDA congratulates Dylan Alcott on Australia Day Honours


The council, staff and friends of the National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) would like to congratulate Mr Dylan Alcott OAM on his Australia Day Honours.

NEDA are pleased to have a person with a disability and significant public presence representing the rights of people who live with disability. 

Dwayne Cranfield, CEO at NEDA stated that Mr Alcott will be a great ambassador and champion for the disability community, and that his high profile will help to address persecutions faced by people with disability.

Mr Cranfield also stated that he was pleased with Mr Alcott’s comments concerning the NDIS, and the alleged issues concerning the schemes sustainability.

“I am sure Mr Alcott will represent us well. The team at NEDA look forward to working with Mr Alcott to ensure that the lives of PWDs and those from CaLD & intersectional communities are not forgotten in these trying times. We applaud Mr Alcott on his comments regarding COVID-19 RATs for all people living with disability, not just the 500,000 people engaged in the NDIS”, said Mr Cranfield.

It is hoped that Mr Alcott’s role will bring a focus on the numbers of PWDs within the workforce and change public perception on the lives of PWDs.

NEDA believes that this is the second consecutive year that the honour of “Australian of the Year” was awarded to a person who identifies as living with disability.

NEDA President, Margherita Coppolino wished to also thank the 2021 recipient, Ms Grace Tame, who used her time in the role to address issues of systemic sexual abuse against women, giving a voice to the many thousands of women who are abused and at risk of violence every day in Australia.

The NEDA President stated, “I was so proud of Ms Tames strong voice and commitment, that we had not only an advocate for the lives of women, but a person who identified as a PWD. We at NEDA thank you”.


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