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NEDA kicks off Community Radio Engagement Project

Media Release

The National Ethnic Disability Alliance has partnered with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to launch a new radio project, specifically targeted at new and emerging communities.

Elderly people

The radio project, known as the “Community Radio Engagement Project” was introduced after new data revealed that despite the high level of disability needs within the refugee and humanitarian entrants’ communities, the access rate to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) remains relatively low.

The Radio Project will aim to:

  • Increase awareness on disability
  • Break down disability stigmas
  • Introduce services provided by the NDIS to humanitarian entrants, refugees and emerging communities.
  • Direct the targeted communities to the right resources and by doing so, increase the NDIS accessibility rate.

Podcasts and Announcements are Available

Radio Station

There are 44 seconds announcements and two minute podcasts in five languages and in English to play on your program. These are free of charge and available in English.

If you would like an audio files of any of these podcasts or announcements, please visit our Community Radio Engagement Project page


The Languages are:

Arabic – Assyrian – Chaldean – Farsi – Burmese – English

NEDA is working with Ethnic and Community Radio Stations, to reach out to our targeted community.

“This campaign will benefit refugees with disabilities, their families and carers, and inform them about the services that they are entitled to, at no cost.

There is absolutely no charge to access the NDIS. This is the message that we want to highlight through this campaign”, NEDA’s CEO, Dwayne Cranfield said.

“We believe radio is the perfect medium to share information with the refugee and humanitarian entrants’ community. Radio is an easy and direct means of communication and has a wide reach.

Some people might be able to read and write in a certain language, while others might have only conversational knowledge in the same language. Radio is accessible to a wide range of people”, our CEO added.

As the national peak advocating for the rights of people with disability from CALD backgrounds, we invite all ethnic and community radio stations to take part in our radio campaign in Arabic, Assyrian, Chaldean, Farsi, Burmese and English.

The campaign is in partnership with the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council (NEMBC), to run a series of ads, short story podcasts and interviews, featuring people from refugee and humanitarian entrants’ backgrounds.


For more Information or for an interview, contact:

Neha Prakash Project Officer – Community Radio Engagement Project

Phone: 0419 464 163 or Email:

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