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NEDA would like to express its concern with the alleged NDIS funding cuts affecting people with autism as well as psychosocial and intellectual disabilities. We are very concerned for those people in the community who have had their supports diminished.

From all reports within the media and the sector, it appears that no consultation was made and that the changes to vulnerable people’s support packages occurred without warning or discussion.

This is particularly concerning to NEDA, as those NDIS participants who speak English as a second language as well as those from new and emerging communities, may be finding this already poorly communicated process even more difficult to understand.

“We call upon the government and the NDIA to offer an explanation of the process and a rationale behind the cuts; again, this is what was feared by the sector last year when we fought against the proposed independent assessments”, said NEDA CEO Dwayne Cranfield.

“It is unacceptable that decisions concerning the lives of vulnerable people would be made by bureaucrats from within a vacuum, with the result of huge impacts on people’s lives. It is unacceptable that people’s planes can be altered without notice or consultation.”

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