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NEDA voices support for Inclusion Aus ADE comments

Media Release

NEDA would like to voice their support of Inclusion Australia and the recent comments of their CEO Catherine McAlpine on the topic of Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs).

NEDA reiterates the importance of inclusion in society under the social model of disability. True inclusion is not segregating people with disability to work in ADEs, sheltered workshops in which they are financially exploited for their labour.

All Australians deserve to be paid fairly, if ADEs allow for this exploitation of people with disability to take place legally, they must urgently be called into question. It is unacceptable for any person to be paid, as reported by the ABC, as little as $2.50 an hour – well below the minimum wage.

NEDA CEO Dwayne Cranfield stated “ADEs have been, for a long time, supported by both the Labor and Liberal parties, NEDA has raised this issue of concern with both parties many times as it is a blatant exploitation of people with disability”.

The work people with disability do through ADEs is valuable and vital work. It is work which they put effort into and take pride in for the opportunity to contribute. They are human beings who deserve to be remunerated fairly for the work that they do.

NEDA supports Inclusion Australia’s call for a co-designed, fully resourced transition plan to move workers in ADEs to open and self-employment.

NEDA urges the Government to address this issue and calls on the Government for fair pay & equal opportunity for all people with disability.

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