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NEDA voices support for Labor’s NDIS plan

Media Release

NEDA would like to voice their support of the Labor Party’s commitment and vision toward the future of the NDIS, following the unveiling of their policy yesterday, the 19th of April.

NEDA welcomes the Labor Party’s six-point plan, with a pledge of $10M over 4 years, and a co-designed NDIS system, which NEDA and others in the disability sector have long called for.

Pledges to return the scheme to its core premise of choice and control, and to get rid of “cowboy” providers who financially deceive the system and take advantage of people with disability are also welcomed.

We acknowledge Bill Shorten’s continued commitment to the NDIS as Shadow Minister since 2019and the continuity this has brought to the discussion.

NEDA CEO Dwayne Cranfield said he appreciated the Shadow Minister’s comments that the scheme was sustainable, but said,

“We would like to see more details regarding the sustainability of the scheme, as this has been a constant pressure point with the current government”.

NEDA hopes for an effort in engaging people with disability from CaLD communities, who are some of Australia’s most of disadvantaged people, particularly those from newer and emerging communities.

This would require continued development of the NDIS CaLD strategy, including collaborating with advocates, funding as well as training for interpreters, and cultural competency training for providers.

NEDA hopes that whichever party is elected will continue to work with advocacy groups to provide access and equity for all people with disability.

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