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NEDA’s response to the public release of the NDIS Review Final Report

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December 7th, 2023

The National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA) welcomes the recent development regarding the sustainability of the NDIS as outlined today by Minister Bill Shorten. We are buoyed by the news of the new collaborative relationship between the states and territories and the Federal Government in developing a framework that will better support people with disability (PwD) into the future, sharing some of the cost burden. We are hoping to get greater information in the coming days with regard to the many recommendations.

The recommendation of general foundation supports has merit, but NEDA will need to see greater detail and more information into the implementation process. The recommendation regarding the use of registered providers will need more clarity given that CaLD Australians often utilize the skills within small communities and families to support their PwD, with culture, language and religion being the driver behind this service provision. We would not want to see an erosion of the core value of the NDIS of “choice and control”, and with a CaLD cohort of over twenty per cent it is imperative that CaLD consumers continue to have the ability to employ service provision from within their communities and families.

The NDIA has been working hard with the CaLD community to develop a CaLD strategy that will increase CaLD participation in the scheme from the eight to nine per cent that it currently sits at – this is several percentage points down on previous rates, a result of systematic neglect by previous administrations.

NEDA is hoping that this review will realise a significant increase in direct advocacy supports, supports that will guide consumers into the scheme, helping them navigate the very cumbersome process that has been historically been exclusionary. We will need greater information about the co-design aspects of this body of work, through which PwD and cohorts such as CaLD and First Nations people will be a part of the development of these significant reforms.

We hope that the NDIS will remain true to the CRPD and Australia’s international obligations with regard to the rights of people living with a disability, and that diversity is championed, with the development of these new structures embracing the diversity of a nation built on migration.

This is a large and detailed report and cannot be viewed on its own as it has synergies with the Disability Royal Commission, that will influence and give a nod to this much needed review. The DRO’s Disability Representative Organizations, of which NEDA is a member, will need to have a deep dive into this body of work and its finer details, looking at the nuances and what the changes will mean for the consumer.

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