National Ethnic Disability Alliance

The Disability Royal Commission

Royal Commission’s in Australia put forward recommendations to the government to would hopefully lead to legislative and cultural change around a significant social issue. Since October 2019 NEDA has worked with the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) staff to engage with the CALD communities across Australia. In addition to this work, in partnership with our members and other NGOs working with the DRC, NEDA helped build a suite of resources, videos, digital content for the CALD community, particularly those with disability, to a put in submissions or inform their own community of the DRC. NEDA also helped to inform the DRC of our CALD disability community when it came to abuse, neglect, and exploitation, by way of our own submission, being a witness at a public hearing on open employment, and a panel member for the CALD Public Hearing. This web page has all of our resources with have created for the CALD community about the DRC.

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