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Migration and Disability Factsheets

It is often difficult for migrants and refugees to navigate Australia’s complex migration system. For migrants and refugees with disability, this process can be even more troublesome and distressing.

Migrants and refugees with disability (and their families) are often denied Australian visas, as they are unable to meet strict health requirements under the Migration Act 1958.

Visas are also denied due to negative attitudes and complex assessments related to an applicant’s disabilities.

The visa application process is a very costly and complex process to navigate for this community.

As the national peak advocating for people with disability from multicultural backgrounds, we have developed factsheets to:

  • Explain the discrimination people with disability experience when navigating the complex Australian migration system.
  • Break down the different processes a person with disability must go through when applying for a visa in Australia.
  • Provide information to people with disability on where to find professional migration assistance and support.
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How To Download The Factsheets?

The factsheets are available in 5 languages other than English: Arabic, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese.

You can download it in your preferred language by clicking on one of the links below.

In addition to the factsheets, the Welcoming Disability website is a great resource to know more about the discrimination people with disability face when applying for a visa in Australia. This website was developed as part of a campaign calling for reform of Australia’s migration health laws and their effect on people with disabilities. To know more, visit

Download fact sheets

Download The Fact Sheets In Your Preferred Language Here: